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Yan Er 烟儿 - 8423 8380 | HJ 打飞机 | Manhood Wellness 抓根 | Kneeling Massage 跪背踩背 | Prostate Care 前列腺保养 | Authentic Chinese/Thai Full Body Massage 正规中泰式按摩

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Yan Er 烟儿

Age 年龄: 24 years
Height 身高: 163
Boobs 胸围: 36C

Services: Authentic Chinese/Thai Full Body Massage - Authentic Finger Press Massage - Authentic Finger Oil Massage - Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Head Neck & Shoulder Massage - Kneeling Massage - Body Oil Massage - Prostate Care - HDYL - Manhood Wellness - HJ

服务: 正规中泰式按摩 - 正宗指压按摩 - 正宗油推按摩 - 精油开背排毒 - 头颈和肩部按摩 - 跪背踩背 - 精油推背 - 前列腺保养 - 海底捞月 - 抓根 - 打飞机

Damage 价格: $100/2次/1 按摩+打飞机
Location 地点: East Area 东部地区 Geylang 亚龙
• Room Included 包房 

Mobile 联络号码 : 8423 8380

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If the picture & the actual person resemblance has a big difference, please choose to walk away & write a comment let us know.


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Hope brothers here who haved tried, please contribute a true FRs to the lady.

Comments (15)

Jacky L says...

After read the review,try this nice and friendly lady.As bro mentioned,She really know which part to massage and wow… she really got the strength and made such good efforts to massage and comfort my whole body.Totally eased out all my knots. JG & HJ was out of this world! Never have I tried such a good HJ before.

Will definitely return for her and please treat her well bros.

22 Sep 2018, 02:30pm Reply

Sebs says...

Her massage was really awasome!Better than the pros in massage center,loosen my back and thigh.Her massage really takes care of my backache.She takes time for JG. Make sure that my pipe is cleared after follows by a HJ which I exploded powerfully and my entire bullet released.Yan er is one of the better choice if you want real massage with happy ending.

Good massage, good attitude, Good Service & is value for money:)

11 Sep 2018, 11:41am Reply

Foo says...

This lady deserved a write up so here it is.

Looks: 8/10 (lightly make up)
Body: 8/10 ( very smooth skin)
Boobs: 8/10 (C cups 100% natural )
Attitude: 10/10 (Service oriented, hardworking, polite,friendly and chatty)
Massage: 9/10 (I prefer stronger massage.., she’s hardworking and works on my aches and backache)
HJ/JG: 8/10 (Nice sensual, slow with sexy moaning and shoot far!)
RTM: Definitely!

Overall to me very value for money. She is very willing to please and friendly.Highly recommended!

09 Sep 2018, 02:54pm Reply

AlvinT says...

She might look young and pretty , however I confirm , she can give you a good hard massage.
She is extremely hardworking and with the best right attitude. Most important , she is not too fat, in-fact she look just nice.

Look : 8.5
Massage : 9.9
Attitude : 9.9
RTM : Yes , very good
JG : 9 ( is JG not only HJ)

In summary , I feel the money spend is worth the price.

03 Sep 2018, 07:14pm Reply

Cust says...

Just have a great session with her.
Massage was super good and really solid
Jg & Hj skill was fantastic and finally I shoot out far.
I am satisfied with her service and will return again ! Must try, Bros! Highly recommend!No regret, worth the money!

01 Sep 2018, 08:33pm Reply

n00b says...

the good: location is central and easy to find. apartment is clean. like some of the bros said, her massage skills is top notch. very strong hands and know what she is doing.
the not so good: i don think the pictures are hers but I can be 100% sure. If it is then it must be her when she was skinny cos now she is kinda plump.
for the price point, you can really complain much.

probably won rtf but will recommend those who really want a good massage.

25 Aug 2018, 09:44am Reply

WWE says...

Visited this gem this morning.Massage was very good and she know where to press the tired points.Very relieving!!Her Juagen was really good,make my didi stand up and shoot alot.If you looking for good massage,She is the one<3

22 Aug 2018, 12:45pm Reply

Kent says...

Booked an appointment with this gem today. All I can say is her good attitude and friendliness and definitely one who provides superb solid massage.She really know which part to massage and wow… she really got the strength and made such good efforts to massage and comfort my whole body.Totally eased out all my knots. JG & HJ was out of this world! Never have I tried such a good HJ before!
Will definitely return for her and please treat her well bros.

21 Aug 2018, 10:56am Reply

蝌蚪 says...


16 Aug 2018, 03:31am Reply


烟儿有专业的按摩技能。 她的按摩技术非常的专业,是有专业培训过的,按摩很有力。把我一天背部的酸疼都给去除了。特别的是抓根和打飞机的手法真的非常的到位。打飞机时她的呻吟特别性感。想要按摩的人找她不会错!!

15 Aug 2018, 07:46am Reply


Had a good session with her last night. Very friendly,chatty  and very polite, hard working lady that know her massage. Her Juagen definitely worth returning to. Below are my personal FR: 





Overall: Rtm yes

This is the one of the best I had.highly recommended

10 Aug 2018, 11:21am Reply

Jack says...

Promise to write her a review :Just had a great session with herThe massage really pack quite a punch and she will thoroughly message your whole body, and never complaint anythingFACE : 8/10BODY : 8/10 MASSAGE : 9/10 (Strong despite my huge size)HDLY, JG, HJ : 9/10 (I like the most as it is rare for such lady to provide such service,)RTM : DEFINITELY 100%

07 Aug 2018, 07:41am Reply

Kodo says...

Excellent service!! Her massage is superb with very skillful technique.The solid massage will knead away your tirednes.As is not easy to find a good masseuse these day. Please treat her with care. Will definitely return  more!!

04 Aug 2018, 05:42pm Reply

Your Name Here says...

Excellent service!!Very professional massage with very skillful technique

04 Aug 2018, 05:27pm Reply

关哥 says...


04 Aug 2018, 01:02pm Reply






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