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Shu Xin 舒心 - 9397 5520 | Chest Push 胸推 | Capped FJ 有套做爱 | CatBath 洗澡 | Auto Roaming 慢游 | BBBJ 无套口交

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Shu Xin 舒心

Age 年龄: 26 years
Height 身高: 160
Boobs 胸围: 36B

Services: Auto Roaming - CatBath - BBBJ - Simple Massage - Chest Push - Nipples/Balls Sucking - Capped FJ

服务: 慢游 - 洗澡 - 无套口交 - 简单按摩 - 胸推 - 舔乳头/蛋蛋 - 有套做爱

Damage 价格: $100/2次/1
Location 地点: East Area 东部地区 Geylang 亚龙
• Room Included 包房  • CD Included 包房包套 •

Mobile 联络号码 : 9397 5520

Press to Call/打电话 | Press to SMS/发短信

Please indicate 【SEX727】 when contacting the lady. 请说从【SEX727】看到的。

If the picture & the actual person resemblance has a big difference, please choose to walk away & write a comment let us know.


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Hope brothers here who haved tried, please contribute a true FRs to the lady.

Comments (26)

True says...

not sure about other post,
here my experience
when come and saw her at door, smile, greeting, bring me to the room.
inside room, asking money first, and she pretend sleepy.
go shower, ask me laying on the bed,
very fast bbj, and she lying down ask me to work out (she manage to reply other bro message) during work out.
only 1 position.

may be not my day.

23 Sep 2018, 10:13am Reply

Gugujiao says...

Just finish session with this liitle 舒心。
Looks: 9/10
Boobs: B+ (quite firm)
Bbbj: 9.5/10 (long and shiok, not a time watcher)
Fj: 9/10 (very tight and wet, to my surprise she still able to be so wet at late night)
Rtf: definitely, nice chatty little girl.

Bros, please take care of this little gem, she is small and petite in size.
Don make her little hole pain.

16 Sep 2018, 06:54pm Reply

Kkk says...

Very so service. Look good. must try. :P

06 Sep 2018, 02:29pm Reply

BR1800 says...

RTF: yes

27 Aug 2018, 10:34pm Reply

Nic says...

Boss.. U have early 40s 

27 Aug 2018, 02:37am Reply

老司机 says...

态度好人健谈 不赶时间 服务好口交功夫一流 做工时不会接电话 值得去试

21 Aug 2018, 09:48am Reply

143 says...

Looking for quickie. This is the one.
If looking for sensation of making out with an underage. She is the one... petite and small size... felt like wanna bang forever. Season but her v is of just nice size for me. Overall passable. Just need be patient of back to back bookings. Quite a hot fav in this area.

Bros looking for quick fix. Can go to her.

Fyi. She have beautiful long silky hair.

14 Aug 2018, 09:51am Reply

KK says...

Very so service. :D Look good. must try.

10 Aug 2018, 01:44pm Reply

Mr.Black says...

So how does this work?

06 Aug 2018, 03:20pm Reply

Gerry spade says...

Just met shunxin. She was amazing, small and petite and cute. She really took care of me, real gfe. Her was tight and felt great, she really enjoys what she does. Will definently return again.

05 Aug 2018, 10:45pm Reply

Annon says...

Once I reach at her place , she kindly invite me to her room and she was very beautiful and cute , her eyes are blooming with spark , when I saw her . After that what she gave me was 100 percent on point and the bj was very good she was very compatible , she fulfil all my need and I hleft very enjoyable, you guy should home and try

02 Aug 2018, 04:50pm Reply

Gfbc says...

She is is very good in bed and her bjs are hands down and she is very cute and she is very friendly next time will come and try again

30 Jul 2018, 07:43pm Reply

Legcom says...

You guys will regret! If expecting SYT , disappointed . Have to doggy and off lights to come

29 Jul 2018, 10:10pm Reply

Kapomany says...

Really doggy still need to off light?

30 Jul 2018, 10:31am

Ansg says...

Reach and aeroplane 

21 Jul 2018, 10:22am Reply

SEX727 says...

Hi bro, please use the bottom right button to give me your number, i check for you.

21 Jul 2018, 12:53pm

Obama says...

I also kena.

29 Jul 2018, 01:30pm

Vent says...

Really good service, bbbj 10/10 suck till your balls comeout. Handjobs also 10/10. Best bang for buck.

20 Jul 2018, 11:23pm Reply

Gerry spade says...

Just met shu xin. She was amazing. She was small petite and cute she bbj is good I very enjoy and give 10/10. She boob is soft and nice to teach 9/10.she also enjoy my bro. Overall I very enjoy and relaxed. I will come back again <3<3<3

08 Jul 2018, 04:10pm Reply

Gerry poh says...

Just met shu xin. She was amazing. She very cute and small petite. She very good at bbj I give 10/10. The boob are very nice and soft to teach:10/10. She said enjoy my bro are very good. Her tight is very good.I really very enjoy and relaxed. I will come back again. Her body also good and small :10/10

03 Jul 2018, 09:13pm Reply

Wayn says...

Petite and small size
Did a wonderful job!!!

29 Jun 2018, 08:34am Reply

雄哥 says...

Very good service thanks

24 Jun 2018, 11:36am Reply

EFG says...

Very good service n not a time watcher look like a picture

12 Jun 2018, 08:11am Reply

Me Hey says...

Great service once enter the room strong gfe

07 Jun 2018, 04:43pm Reply

Ah Boy says...

She said shes 23yo and I can believe her cos she really looks like syt and look like her photos. I cum very fast bonking her doggy style cos shes pretty. Will RTF <3<3<3

01 Jun 2018, 02:44pm Reply

Your Name Here says...

Must I need to register

27 May 2018, 04:31pm Reply

SEX727 says...

Hi bro, nope, just SMS directly to the number provided.

27 May 2018, 07:26pm

JC says...

Very Good! Very friendly and nice held my hand to bring me in to her room, she staying in master room so it more convenient, she was also very patiently do her services, she did not hurry me at all and told me to stay around for a while, very nice to chat with as well, will defintely rtf next time. <3<3

23 May 2018, 08:23am Reply

dgh says...

This sister is very good.
Absolute full marks, full of feelings like a girlfriend, what requirements will match me, sister super water, clean and fresh, delicious, good bar, it is too cool. Recommended

19 May 2018, 02:19pm Reply

帅哥 says...

Shuxin is an awesome gem, still having her in my arm right now hugging me as I post this honest comment.
Shes indeed one of a kind, girl next door type of girl. Bbj was awesome great. Super girlfriend feel.
Definitely will RTF.

15 May 2018, 07:18pm Reply






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