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Ju Xi 橘子 - 9468 3568 | French 接吻 | Auto Roaming 慢游 | Nipples/Balls Sucking 舔乳头/蛋蛋 | Silk Stockings Temptation 丝袜诱惑 | Cum On Breast 射胸

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Ju Xi 橘子

Age 年龄: 27 years
Height 身高: 163
Boobs 胸围: 36C

Services: Auto Roaming - CatBath - French - BBBJ - Ass Rimming - Cum In Mouth - Cum On Breast - Simple Massage - Chest Push - Uniform Temptation - Silk Stockings Temptation - Nipples/Balls Sucking - Capped FJ

服务: 慢游 - 洗澡 - 接吻 - 无套口交 - 毒龙 - 口爆 - 射胸 - 简单按摩 - 胸推 - 制服诱惑 - 丝袜诱惑 - 舔乳头/蛋蛋 - 有套做爱

Damage 价格: $80/1次/1
Location 地点: West Area 西部地区 Boon Lay 文礼
• Room Included 包房  • CD Included 包房包套 •

Mobile 联络号码 : 8359 7138

Press to Call/打电话 | Press to SMS/发短信

Please indicate 【SEX727】 when contacting the lady. 请说从【SEX727】看到的。

If the picture & the actual person resemblance has a big difference, please choose to walk away & write a comment let us know.


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Hope brothers here who haved tried, please contribute a true FRs to the lady.

Comments (28)

Wen li says...

Really horrible woman, has a lousy attitude and huge temper. No patience with anything. Never visiting her again:(

24 Sep 2018, 04:51pm Reply

Twhhwak says...

Good skill with good gf feeling

08 Sep 2018, 01:12pm Reply

萧十一 says...


05 Sep 2018, 11:23pm Reply

maomi says...

She is a wild milf. Got tummy. Boobs are soft and big. BBBJ and FJ are just SOP and nothing to shout about. One thing i dislike, if perspire (if aircon is not cold) during bonking, she will place a cloth on her body to prevent contact w sweat. Overall: so so.

26 Aug 2018, 12:36pm Reply

HornyGuy says...

Just had session with her.
Has a tummy, however her bbbj skills are really good.
And has a pair of nice tits to suck and play with.
Recommend for MILF lovers.

18 Aug 2018, 07:14pm Reply

SEX727 says...

@Cheng @bro ma @Wayne already informed her agent, thank!

12 Aug 2018, 07:22pm Reply

ABC says...

温柔 性格好 皮肤又滑又软 蛮配合,值!

08 Aug 2018, 04:34pm Reply

Ben Teo says...

Breast is big and nice to hold, really nice gf feeling, recommend 10/10!

05 Aug 2018, 09:23am Reply

Your Name Here says...

No teply

01 Aug 2018, 11:39pm Reply

SEX727 says...

Hi bro, please use the bottom right button to give me your number, i check for you.

02 Aug 2018, 12:24pm

Absinthe says...

Number go to other girls leh

01 Aug 2018, 10:14pm Reply

SEX727 says...

Hi bro, why you say go to other girls?

01 Aug 2018, 11:16pm

Sideli says...

Her nei nei kan dua lup !

01 Aug 2018, 04:32pm Reply

Hui Sen says...

Damn this milf is good! Her skills and technique is superb and her licking is unbelievable! Love her morning voice!

29 Jul 2018, 06:29pm Reply

Hui says...

Very good at Frenching! Practiced many different style! A must have for MILF lovers!

27 Jul 2018, 03:57pm Reply

Ah Siao says...

MILFS lover fall in, shes the one not to missed! :devil:

26 Jul 2018, 10:47am Reply

mlyboii says...

Am I here first malay? regardless, great service! welcomed me with a smile, brought me to her room, we giggled awkwardly and she began sitting on my lap. teased me a little and we went for a quick shower. french kissing is top notched. BJ is perfect! she knows how to lick balls and at the same time play with my dick. fun girl. will definitely RTF.

13 Jul 2018, 02:02am Reply

Newbys says...

No reply one ..

11 Jul 2018, 11:01pm Reply

SEX727 says...

Hi bro, please LIVECHAT me withyour number i check for you.

12 Jul 2018, 12:44am

EZ says...

Great service! GF feel and French like your own girlfriend.
Recommend for MILF lovers

10 Jul 2018, 04:45pm Reply

Chou says...

Gentle, good personality, smooth and soft skin, value for money!

03 Jul 2018, 10:45pm Reply

Dark horse says...

Service is tip top, and she is good in seducing you with soft sweet tone. Definitely fit your friend Hot Mom category! Enjoyed the love making session with her.

26 Jun 2018, 03:52pm Reply

萧十一 says...


23 Jun 2018, 09:38am Reply

时光无声 says...

服务很好,胸也是真的。保养很好!昨天试过了,强力推荐+1最后就是本人比照片美多了! <3

16 Jun 2018, 07:45pm Reply

你的名字 says...


06 Jul 2018, 02:31am

马来小弟 says...

我今天约了橘子,服务好 很有耐心做每个过程 由其是啪啪很配合 她有很容易高潮 真的爽歪歪 下次再约

13 Jun 2018, 03:55pm Reply

abc says...


10 Jun 2018, 04:45am Reply

Gary says...

Those who like MILF

Those who like Assrimming

Sure cannot miss this MILF !!!!!!!!!

02 Jun 2018, 01:02pm Reply

maomi says...

She is a hot milf. Milf lovers must try.

30 May 2018, 06:45pm Reply

眼睛大叔 says...

我遇见本人 好性感又风骚 吹箫让我好舒服,羞点就要射了,过后我就不说,各位狼友想知道的话,就尝试一下,就会了解我的情况,保证去了还会回头,值得一试

21 May 2018, 03:44pm Reply

ABT pusher says...

Wow this woman really no horse run! Damn gut French ( yeah like real) , woah allow me lick her abalone ( yeah you wish). Service super great!( Yeah, sService? What service?) GFE really strong ( yeah in your dreams!)

17 May 2018, 09:23am Reply

Ray says...

Bro, u being sarcastic or?

12 Jul 2018, 08:30pm

Wakakakaka says...

Had a session with her.
Have tummy but her skills good and enjoy the AR.
Milf Lover should try.

14 May 2018, 12:10pm Reply






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