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Jia Jia 佳佳 - 8426 7014 | Cum On Breast 射胸 | Uniform Temptation 制服诱惑 | Chest Push 胸推 | Cum In Mouth 口爆 | FJ 有套做爱

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Jia Jia 佳佳

Age 年龄: 24 years
Height 身高: 162
Boobs 胸围: 36C

Services: Auto Roaming - CatBath - BBBJ - Simple Massage - Chest Push - Nipples/Balls Sucking - Capped FJ

服务: 慢游 - 洗澡 - 无套口交 - 简单按摩 - 胸推 - 舔乳头/蛋蛋 - 有套做爱

Damage 价格: $100/2次/1
Location 地点: East Area 东部地区 Eunos 友诺士
OverNight 包夜: $350
• Room Included 包房  • CD Included 包房包套 •

Mobile 联络号码 : 8426 7014

Press to Call/打电话 | Press to SMS/发短信

Please indicate 【SEX727】 when contacting the lady. 请说从【SEX727】看到的。

If the picture & the actual person resemblance has a big difference, please choose to walk away & write a comment let us know.


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Hope brothers here who haved tried, please contribute a true FRs to the lady.

Comments (46)

Hunk man says...

To all bros, do not waste your money to try this lady, spend your money on other better ladies. It was a total disappointment and extremely bad experience.

- Time watcher and service was bad.

- Looks is worse off than the edited photos above.

- Body on the meaty, plump side.

The only good points are: Location is very convenient and place is clean.

I would not recommend this lady. Try it and you will be disappointed.

22 Sep 2018, 10:04pm Reply

Cheeky guy says...

Her bjjj is good, hands free and seductive sound moans. Enjoyable bonk.

28 Aug 2018, 05:49pm Reply

ONLY says...

She worth my $$, the piak piak sound is shiok ! :devil::devil:

14 Aug 2018, 05:17pm Reply

帅哥 says...


11 Aug 2018, 06:18pm Reply

hoho says...

昨晚找了美女 服务很好 按摩手法也不错 肉肉感很好 胸大 口交刷服

02 Aug 2018, 03:23pm Reply

你的名字你 says...

狼友們 這個美女的胸是真的還是假的

19 Jul 2018, 03:40pm Reply

大龙 says...


20 Jul 2018, 04:40pm

Micheal says...

She was very beautiful and full-hearted. She had a very good attitude toward her client. Her room was very clean, I would definitely go back and look after her.

28 Jun 2018, 06:42pm Reply

Zuo Ping says...

Last night to find her beautiful service Very good massage technique is also good Flesh is very good Chest big blowjob no horse run, RTF 2nd time already

25 Jun 2018, 05:29pm Reply

小李 says...


22 Jun 2018, 10:42pm Reply

Ah Gui says...

This girl got nice boobs, nice stereo sound, got girlfriend feeling. Worth to try

15 Jun 2018, 09:13pm Reply

找过她的人 says...


06 Jun 2018, 08:10am Reply

Boobslover says...

This girl got nice and firm boobs. She is friendly and worth to try, not fat but got meat

04 Jun 2018, 10:12pm Reply

Tom says...

Not recommended cos only wan me to do the job, 2nd time in 20 min, she wan do fast fast and ask u go

03 Jun 2018, 06:48pm Reply

Shyster says...

Just visited Jia Jia. Below is my honest FR. When the door open, I am really surprised that I saw a sweet young girl waiting at the door for me. (Boh xiong ah neh sui lah. Pian bah bah). Her age is really look younger than her face like in her 18 years old (gong zhin wei, ying gai wu san si za her liao). I was hoping she can provide me a good fj and indeed she really done a very good service for me and no rush at all.(sibeh guarh kanna zeh hway chia. Kia Pang Meng wah Kao gah li Zhang ake kio yuan yang meh?! Ee Lao kar ar buey start tio bua lube liao arn zua lick? Bah lu gor hoon Cheng nia tio kio Li zoh teh ji pai. Piang, mian ar ni guarh leh...guarh limpeh until buey kia. BOH xim Cheng liao.). Before I leave,i promise I will give her a complete FR and promise to visit her 3 times a week.(wa ai sai ga long zhong ran gong, MAI LIAO LUI!!!). Hope all brother out there go visit her as she will not be doing this for long and enjoy her company as much as possible.

02 Jun 2018, 07:33pm Reply

google says...

Eh, bro... your Ang Mo Kan Pua Good Ley,

You graduated from which hokkien school de?

I also want to send my kids to your school ley


19 Jun 2018, 11:40am

nice says...

wa bro i like ur comment style. Sibeh power la

23 Jun 2018, 01:05pm

小明 says...


24 May 2018, 03:47pm Reply

熟客 says...


14 May 2018, 04:28am Reply

Overnight how long hour says...

08 May 2018, 08:39pm Reply

SEX727 says...

Hi bro, normally is 12AM to 8AM, but you can ask the girl to double confirm, maybe you handsome longer hours.

08 May 2018, 09:00pm

Pya says...


06 May 2018, 01:28am Reply

Shyster says...


30 Apr 2018, 11:16am Reply

hoho says...


27 Apr 2018, 12:20pm Reply

AA says...

Service so so. Not as good as what is rated. 

25 Apr 2018, 11:51am Reply

Your Name Here says...

spend a note with her , book her whole note, rough deep throat very shook, hard fuck her doggy style, herr moan very sexy, $ well spend, will fuck her cheebye again,

24 Apr 2018, 06:18am Reply

Frozen says...

Do they entertain or accept non chinese? :angel:

24 Apr 2018, 03:24am Reply

SEX727 says...

Please SMS the lady to ask directly where is she comfortable with you or not. :)

24 Apr 2018, 12:28pm

Boobslover says...

This girl got nice and firm boobs. She is friendly and worth to try,

23 Apr 2018, 11:54pm Reply

金毛 says...


15 Apr 2018, 12:23pm Reply

anthony says...

nice to lick and suck her boobs

10 Apr 2018, 06:02pm Reply

Idris says...

Very good service and I enjoyed my sex with her. Recommending to bros out there shes a gem.

08 Apr 2018, 03:09pm Reply

Thomas says...

Overnight is how many shots? 

05 Apr 2018, 06:26pm Reply

Aljazeera says...

most probably 3shots bro

05 Apr 2018, 06:43pm

Balala says...

Admin: does she accept non-chinese?

04 Apr 2018, 08:04pm Reply

Administrator says...

Hi bro, please SMS her ask her directly using https://translate.google.com/ see whether she allows non-chinese. :)

04 Apr 2018, 08:11pm

Romeo says...

She is very pretty and superb service. Friendly some more😊

04 Apr 2018, 06:10pm Reply

Input Name Here says...

Fucked her last night late as i suddenly feel super horny after see her pictures. As its late service is a bit rush. This girl is pretty and same as picture. I banged her with all my might holding her hands down. My cannon shot was powerful. Fantasize bas

29 Mar 2018, 01:18pm Reply



29 Mar 2018, 07:45am Reply

Eyon says...

She quite beautiful from my point and the attitude is also very good. Service is up to standard, can try bros.

21 Mar 2018, 05:23pm Reply

Ronald says...

Good service, got a very ecstatic eyes, love her!!!!

17 Mar 2018, 01:58pm Reply

ericX says...

Met Jia Jia yesterday, real person much prettier than photo, don flame me is just me. :P GFE very good, not rushing type... :devil: Bros here can try, but don flame me, maybe i yandao !! :P:P:P

07 Mar 2018, 12:25am Reply

yeyeye says...

Her service is good

04 Mar 2018, 05:29pm Reply

songL says...

she damn fxxking slut!!!!!!! my regular stress release bitch !!!!

10 Feb 2018, 04:24pm Reply



07 Feb 2018, 07:19pm Reply

khoo says...

very got girlf feel, service is good too.. will rtc

05 Feb 2018, 03:52pm Reply

alaric says...

This one slutty face lah... I bang her like no tomorrow man !

28 Jan 2018, 03:16pm Reply

sexyard says...

Just to update bros here.... She can be neg for 80 - 1 shot

This is what i manage to get....

19 Jan 2018, 05:10pm Reply

sexworm says...

This is the best FR! Good pricing beat all good written FRs !!!


05 Mar 2018, 12:56pm

盛盛开 says...


07 Dec 2017, 05:53pm Reply

小时候 says...


10 Nov 2017, 08:26pm Reply

啥问题 says...


28 Oct 2017, 05:35pm Reply

ABCkia says...

Valuable fuxk. Fuxk her hard. Feel like spray her face. SOng.

09 Oct 2017, 04:02pm Reply

Ghos7 says...

She is my favorite girl. Going back to her always.

There is something special about her that makes you fall in love.

She always have a great smile and cheerful character.

Definitely recommend to all bros.

01 Oct 2017, 05:35pm Reply






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